Where people I've worked with say nice things about me

In my assessment of Mr Thompson, I would without hesitation say that he is one of a very few, elite Senior Developers I have come across.

[...] he is masterful at his art, and a pleasure to work with.
Mr Michael Asmussen, SCADAbase Custodian, Energex
Tim's knowledge and expertise in design, development, integration and database architecture is remarkable.
Tim has advanced and detailed knowledge of .Net and associated technologies, and SQL.

Tim quickly became a mentor and was willing and able to transfer knowledge to other members of the team, and provided support and assistance as required.
I was very impressed with the level of professionalism displayed by Tim, and the efficient and effect[sic] way in which he went about realizing our expectations[...]
Your professionalism and your undying patience has helped me to understand my website so much better and now feel I can use it to its best capabilities.